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The Protocol

Typically, after a free initial consultation, a series of treatments is necessary to achieve the maximal effect. After taking into consideration variables such as stress, diet, lifestyle, genetic inheritance, proper digestion and elimination, sleep, emotional balance, and age, the following durations of treatment are customarily recommended:

  • Usually 10-12 treatments;
  • 20 treatments for smokers or people whose skin tends to sag, i.e., who manifest jowls, "turkey wattles," droopy eyes, etc.

Treatment Timeline:

  • 2 times a week (if schedule permits), for 45 minutes to 1 hour; or
  • 1 treatment per week, 90 minutes

Maintenance Treatments:

To ensure the persistence of the results, ongoing maintenance treatments are recommended:

  1. Every 2 weeks for 2 months following the completion of a treatment series, then once a month for an indefinite amount of time;
  2. Of course, the patient can also embark upon a subsequent series after a week's respite

The Use of Jade Rollers:

Traditionally, Chinese believes that jade has special energy properties and represents a rare treasure for the human body. Since the ancient time jade has been used in a variety of treatments in Chinese medicine. The curative abilities of jade are based on the composition of its microelements and low-temperature physical properties, which are especially favorable for the human body and compatible with bodily qi.

Jade rollers, one type of jade therapies, are used on the face to enhance blood circulation, remove fine lines and age spots, and prevent premature aging. The ancient empresses of China wore jade ornaments around their necks not only as a status symbol, but also to attract yin qi and nourishment into the skin. The stone thus served dual purposes of promoting beauty and magical protection.

Short and Long-Term Effects of Facial Acupuncture:

Often times, people notice improvement of the facial complexion soon after the first treatment. As the therapy continues, one starts to observe an increased glow to the complexion, the face appears more relaxed and rested, eyes show increased clarity, wrinkles start to lessen, and the skin appears more toned and firm.

Significant improvements in facial appearance can be ascertained after the 5th to 7th treatments for almost all patients. Marked reduction in wrinkles, healthier skin tone, and lifting of the jowls, neck and the eyes has become more noticeable. Many patients also report that constitutional issues - like digestive complaints, cravings, and insomnia - subside. This is usually the time when patients start to get comments from other people wondering what they have been doing to make themselves look younger and better.

By the end of the treatment series, the patient should look and feel years younger. These results may vary, depending upon how well the patient has taken care of themselves during the process and afterward. Booster treatments provide ongoing support within the normal process of aging.

Contraindications of Facial Acupuncture

Even though facial acupuncture is a safe and beneficial treatment for a vast majority of prospective clients, not everyone is suitable for this type of treatment. People with certain temporary medical conditions should wait until they recover. The following are a few examples of contraindications:

  • Severe high blood pressure: facial acupuncture can begin when the blood pressure is under control or the patient is seeing a medical doctor for treating high blood pressure.
  • Severe migraines: if a patient is having migraine very rarely ?such as only once every three months or so, she can still receive facial acupuncture treatments.
  • It takes a patient three weeks to recover from laser resurfacing on the face. Do not attempt facial acupuncture during that time and please wait at least a week after microdermabrasion to start the treatment.
  • pregnancy.
  • colds or flu.
  • acute herpes outbreak.
  • acute allergic reactions.

In the latter three instances, the patient may begin facial acupuncture treatments once the condition has passed.


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